Whoa Si Whoa (I)


Whoa-Si-Whoa is a formidable indica with a tendency to swing its partner round and round before depositing them on the couch with heavy lids and a hearty appetite. Its powerful parents, Do-Si-Dos and The White, give this strain its unmistakable taste and inescapable potency. When the citrusy-hops aroma morphs into a warm cookie-dough flavor on the tongue, expect a walloping dose of tranquility that will soften the muscles and crank up the munchies before eventually tugging you toward the dreamy dance of sleep and serenity.

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Award-winning Long Beach-based cannabis brand, Top-Shelf Cultivation, or Top-Shelf, is pleased to announce that the family-owned and operated cannabis company has earned two first-place ‘Best Indica’ awards at the most recent High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition for Southern California.

Top-Shelf Cultivation produces award-winning cannabis.

The historic first-place wins come thanks to Top-Shelf Cultivation’s exclusive and proprietary Whoa-Si-Whoa strain beating out all other entries in the Best Indica Flower and Best Indica Pre-Roll categories. The Whoa-Si-Whoa strain is exclusive to Top-Shelf Cultivation and features parent genetics “The White” and “Do-Si-Dos” with a THC percentage consistently testing above 30%.

“The Whoa-Si is a very potent Indica with a terpene percentage ranging between 2% and 4% total terpenes. When we grow her right, the Whoa-Si-Whoa is extra powerful and can really knock someone out,” said Brian Danaher, Founder, and CEO of Top-Shelf Cultivation. “We run our own custom nutrients, built out our own facilities, have friends and family in the sales team, and the results are starting to show with these awards and our brand’s growth across California.”

The Whoa-Si-Whoa strain is no stranger to receiving first-place cups. In 2019, Top-Shelf Cultivation debuted the Whoa-Si-Whoa and began entering cannabis competitions. Their team has since earned 10 first-place awards for the Whoa-Si-Whoa strain alone.

First place wins include the 2019 Halloweed Cup, 2022 Kush Stock, 2019-2021 WEEDCon, and High Times Cannabis Cups in Northern, Central, and Southern California in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.